Anmol Shiksha: Awakening of a new dawn

USP of Anmol Shiksha:

Anmol Shiksha’s DNA lies in its simplicity, scalability, customised and ease of use. It primarily endeavours to reach out its learning initiative to the rural students residing in the hinterland of India who are unemployable and lack the essential skillsets. It aims to fulfil the huge vacuum of knowledge in rural education which continues to remain unaddressed.

Anmol Shiksha is an after school initiative to start with and once it gains traction it is the founder’s ultimate vision to see its acceptability by state governments in incorporating in the regular curriculum of their respective primary schools across the length and breadth of the country. Anmol Shiksha will continue to be a valuable resource to gather the most relevant aspects of learning for all rural students and disseminate the same at no cost at all. It can be taught in any backyard with the required resources all well documented and organized date-wise for the full year for download free of cost.

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