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Alarming Statistical Data:

Anmol Shiksha aims to address the grave scenario of rural education in India which was recently brought to the furore by the two Times of India front page headlines as well as by the Dropout Study of Punjab:

  1. The Census 2011 report puts the number of children not going to school at 8.4 crore and the dropouts.
  2. A joint study by Unesco Institute for Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring Report-2016 has found that 47 million adolescents in India have not progressed to upper secondary school.
  3. Punjab’s Dropout Study, Nov-2009 reflects a 25% drop-out of students at all levels of school.

These statistics are alarming by any yardstick especially if one were to calculate the cumulative socio-economic cost of an uneducated child who will continue to remain a burden on the state. The state education board system is outdated [churning out unemployable youth who lack the essential skillsets] and mere tweaks to the system by any government do little to change things around.

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