Anmol Shiksha as the name implies is a precious effort in the field of rural education by its founder Miss Sehar Bajwa who is currently pursuing her International Baccalaureate Diploma in class 12 from the prestigious Shri Ram School, Moulsari, Gurgaon.

While writing a research paper on school drop-out rates in Punjab last year, Sehar came to realize the alarming statistical figures of education and employability in the country. ‘According to a joint study by Unesco Institute for Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring Report, 47 million adolescents in India have not progressed to upper secondary school.’ Further, a high percentage of students who complete their schooling, are unemployable as they lack the essential skillsets.

 “Through Anmol Shiksha, I wish to give children an opportunity to widen their horizons - to create a place, where their bounds of learning aren’t limited by their socio-cultural background or family’s economic status. The curriculum I have designed helps focus on crucial elements that produce Job Creators rather than Job Seekers, improving the low employability rates of the country. The establishment of my ‘Anmol Shiksha Centre For Learning’ in Dehrabassi, Punjab has been a successful pilot project that today boasts of an attendance of over 60 motivated and competent young children driven by a passion to excel.”

This grave reality of the nation gave Sehar the idea of Anmol Shiksha- a disruptive, scalable, plug and play learning platform that provides easy access to an organized and relevant, free of cost curriculum, constructed on four pillars, namely, Moral Values, Leadership, STEM and Entrepreneurship.

1.   Moral Values: Aims to engrain a strong foundation of integrity and sensitivity into young minds via play enacting, story-telling and narration.

2.   Leadership: Essential attributes necessary to become a great leader are taught via group discussion, healthy competition and documentaries of inspiring personalities. Physical activity, tasks and sports are undertaken to build team players.

3.   STEM: Covers the basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by providing students vertical learning through hands on practical experiments and projects.

4.   Entrepreneurship: The culmination of Moral Values, Leadership and STEM will help foster creativity and infuse a financial and business sense in children at early and appropriate ages. Students are encouraged to think out of the box, to define and undertake real world projects specifically designed to suit all age groups.

Each of the core vectors is woven into her well-structured curriculum that builds children’s IQ as well as enhances their EQ and helps them evolve into level headed individuals capable of making informed decisions and taking on all challenges of life. The structured outline that Anmol Shiksha follows, helps cater to children's individual needs and at the same time with every session, drives them a step closer to becoming better citizens of the nation.

An after school initiative, Anmol Shiksha provides an engaging, fun atmosphere for enthusiastic young children between the ages of 4-17. Where, staff endeavors to create interactive learning through hands on experiments, games and activities that teach children to collaborate and immerse themselves in the joys of learning. The coursework can be taught not only at Anmol Shiksha specific centers but also in any backyard by anyone wishing to teach, with the required resources well organized and documented date-wise for easy download, available on the website.

Our Anmol Shiksha project has had a great impact on the lives of its students in the past year. On an overall performance matrix, we have seen a tremendous improvement in the self-esteem and confidence levels of our children. There is willingness to come to school and always an eagerness to learn. Our hands on learning science projects provide an amazing connect to the subject being taught. Teamwork and leadership skillsets are developed via our physical group activities as well as our vertical learning concept. The practical engagement of students at all levels, interchanging role plays and enacting our core values, is proving to be a major success and favourably contrasts against the back drop of the rather monotonous methodology adopted by formal schools which they attend.

It is the founder’s ultimate vision to equip each child with skills that will help transform children from job seekers to job creators.

Targeting funding from private firms and other interested organizations and incorporation from NGO’s Sehar wishes to take Anmol Shiksha to a scalable level, which will help enrich the lives of students residing in rural areas and allow them to become better-informed citizens who can constructively contribute to India’s growth. The advent of will ultimately help serve the aggressive Make in India campaign and thereby raise the standards of living of Indian citizens.

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